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Written by Henk Mutsaers   
Thursday, 05 January 2012 12:23

Often you see ordinary people doing simple things that could make a change for the better in peoples lives. Local actions, like a ripple in the ocean that could be the change in the world.

Let's have a look at two issues that affect all of our lives:

Money and Health

After the bank crisis, one after another country is facing bankruptcy. Our monetary system, where they print money out of the blue, looks more like an illegal "Pyramid Scheme".

Why should we trade time for Dollars and Euro's, that don't have a solid, fixed value? As we've seen over the past hundred years, specially now, with hyperinflation just around the corner.

Were money is the oil that makes the (local) economy machine run, we could easily start or join a Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) to make sure your local economy doesn't collapse.

Think: Why Not Me?

Isn't it strange that we work long hours and pay 30 percent tax or more to buy foods (inclusive VAT) that don't even come close to nourish our body properly?

GMO foods, foods loaded with pesticides and others with lots of unnatural additives. To me it's clear why people get tired, sick, disabled and even die. Isn't it strange WE don't make an end to that circle? It's very simple to start produce your own food at home, a square foot garden, home gardening or team up with someone to learn the skills?

The REWARDS are FAR better then ANY job in the world can PAY!

Ask yourself: Why Not Me?

How many people do you think YOU can influence when they see you are looking better, have more energy and never call in sick?

Pharmaceutical companies like to make you believe that NATURE made some mistakes witch could be corrected with their patented chemicals called medicines.

Duh, well I like to think and investigate for myself, witch I did.

For example: I am not afraid getting cancer!

Why? Way back in 1931 a German named Otto Warburg discovered that oxygen and cancer can't be in a body cell at the same time. Many cures are using this principle. Understanding how nature works gives you the tools you need to cure and PREVENT the number one killer in the world today and this wisdom is known for 80 years now. Another German, Ryke Geerd Hamer, found the link between stress levels and many diseases like cancer. It's called the German New Medicine, and it is highly suppressed knowledge.

Now you know, do you tell you're friends about it?
Why not …. (correct).

With the introduction of artificial fertilizers, the entire Western population became depleted from essential minerals witch can be corrected with sea minerals (Sel Gris) at the cost of less then one cent per day for the whole family. Or even better grow, your own foods.

Of course you're going inform all your friends:
Why … (you're getting it)

Several generations grew up lacking proper nutrition and were faced with more and more 'new' diseases 'discovered' by the pharmaceutical industry. Their fear creating marketing machine has been asking you for donations to develop expensive (chemical) medicines to treat a disease that has it's origin in simple nutrient deficiencies. Billions of people are still trapped in this circle of lies.

Do you show them the way, leading by example?
Why Not Me?

One of the best-kept secrets in this scam is that Big Pharma is not only treating nutrient deficiency with 'medicines' but has started to create new diseases with so-called 'preventive vaccines'. How many of YOU'RE friends, family, relatives and co-workers do you think know the fact that; there hasn't ever been a double blind study done by the pharmaceutical industry to prove these statements over the years? And still many millions get their vaccine every year, sometimes with nasty and deadly 'side effects'!

I'll make sure they all get these facts:
Why Not Me?

The BEST rewards I received over the past ten years where the THANK YOU messages I got from people I showed this valuable information.

Think: Why Not Me?

Can you're experience from the past be an inspiration and empowerment to others to start making steps in the right direction to change their lives for the better and inspire more and more people? A break out of the sickness, and money slavery system cycles all around the world?

Why Not Me? ... Share your story




You must take every decision yourself and, at your own responsibility! Whatever you read on any website, book, magazine or newspaper, all the articles are their to take well informed decisions. Never ask anyone; "What should I do?" But if you are not sure, ask; "Where can I find more information?" Don't even let your doctor make a decision for you and put your health in to his / her hands. The facts tell, it can cost you dearly. The conclusions drawn by Clinical Evidence (BMJ) don't show a promising picture for Western Medicine!

Over the years I became a huge fan of Energetic test methods like NES, Bio Meridian, Scio and more. These non invasive tests are looking for distorted energy fields, deficiencies and imbalances, and by correcting these findings the bodies own immune system will find the force to heal itself. – Henk Mutsaers


Organizing lectures, having a professional health website, wrote a book, helping people in other ways to improve their health and wellbeing? Share your story

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